Last update August 29th, 2015

About Reviewbly
Reviewbly is a customer review management tool that give it’s users the ability to get feedback from their customers. Reviewbly users have the ability to manage and enhance their online reputations by publishing user reviews on their website and on their Reviewbly business page.

What Happens When a Customer Writes a Review?
When a customer writes a review using Reviewbly, the business will get their feedback. If the customer requests that the business contact them they will get the option. If the user has a positive experience with the company they will have the option to continue on and leave feedback on external review sites. If the business uses the referral function of Reviewbly, the customer will get a unique referral link which will track if they refer other people.

Guidelines for Customer Feedback
Reviewbly advises consumers to observe the following guidelines when providing reviews or testimonials:
• Think about the kind of information you would like to know about the business. Would you recommend the business to a friend? Did it meet or exceed your expectations? Would you go back for further services?
• Be objective and specific about your experience.
• Keep your review brief and informative. Ideally, reviews should be between 100 and 250 words.

Disclaimer for Reviewbly Subscribers
Reviewbly cannot guarantee that its users will experience increased ranking in search engines, index placement or any other outcome related to third party websites.

Please contact if you have questions or comments.